Dear Floorball friends,

Welcome to the WFC 2018 in Prague in the Czech Republic!

It is with high expectations we once again return to the beautiful capital city of Prague for the World Floorball Championships. The Czech Republic, and Prague, have staged so many good IFF events in the past, that is nearly impossible to keep track on them all! IFF has with Sportcal, a world-leading company providing marketing intelligence, an agreement since 2016 on the evaluation of the IFF WFC’s, and the 11th Men’s World Floorball Championship 2016, held in Riga, Latvia, was the tenth-most attended world championship in 2016, which contributed to the competition’s overall ranking of 21st out of 70 events in Sportcal’s Global Sports Impact (GSI) Events Ranking. I am confident that after this WFC we will climb the ladder up further. This is vital to show the Sports Worldwide that Floorball is a key player in Floorball growth and attractive as a multisport event for cities and countries.

Floorball has taken important steps forward, to reach our Vision and ultimately a place in the Olympic Games. With the IOC President, Mr Thomas Bach, we see in his vision “Olympic Agenda 2020”, a lot of initiatives, including possible rotations of sports on the Olympic program, and hence the “upgrading” of the World Games.

Floorball’s participation in the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw in Poland, was a huge success for us as a Floorball family. In Wroclaw we really went public, on all levels and communicated the important values that Floorball possess, showcasing Floorball with many spectators. Floorball was one of the widest broadcast sports and all matches were streamed. Floorball was also one of the best organised events during the games when it comes to atmosphere with many foreign supporters present. It is with huge pleasure that we have again been trusted with participating in the 2021 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. We are joining all forces possible to have Floorball once again a huge success on the world Games Program.

The IFF, with all participating teams, convey our gratitude to the city of Prague, the Czech Republic Government and the Czech Olympic Committee, and Czech Floorball, wishing you full success with the WFC.

On behalf of the entire Floorball family, I greet all the participants; athletes, officials, volunteers, spectators, sponsors and co-operating partners and the representatives of media, heartily welcome to the 2018 World Floorball Championships, and wish you all success!

Looking forward to thrilling matches!

Tomas Eriksson

IFF President









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