The first tour of the women’s championship was played in Lviv on 3rd-4th of November. The championship is played in three tours and playoffs are organised on 20th-21st of April 2019. 

This year, five teams in total are playing for the women’s championship in Ukraine. Skala Melitopol is the reigning champion who won the final against Yantar last year. Hope and Lemberg are newcomers in the championship. The results from the past games are:

Skala – Hope 7-0
Yantar – Lemberg 13-1
KFK – Skala 2-6
Hope – Yantar 3-7
Lemberg – KFK 4-2
Yantar – Skala 3-2
KFK – Hope 5-6
Skala – Lemberg 5-4
Yantar – KFK 6-1
Lemberg – Hope 3-3

Next tour will be played 2nd-3rd of February 2019 in Zaporizhzhya.

The current standings can be seen below.

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