The Council of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) confirmed the new leader on Monday 5th of November. Dr Chiulli was appointed as the new leader, following the sudden and tragic death of Patrick Baumann.

Dr Chiulli will carry out the tasks until he is endorsed at the GAISF General Assembly in May 2019. This will ensure the continuity of GAISF service provision to its members. He is highly respected and experienced sports administrator, since being a president of UIM, the World Powerboating Federation, and of ARISF, the Association of Recognised International Sports Federations.

Speaking at the opening of the IF Forum in Lausanne on Monday, Dr Chiulli reinforced his commitment to GAISF’s alignment with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and to GAISF’s future as an effective service provider to its members. Earlier, Dr Chiulli clarified his role and future direction of GAISF:

– I am humbled to have the responsibility and thankful to members of the Council for their continued support and valuable inputs and for their trust and confidence. Our task is clear and our direction has been set by Patrick Baumann himself, he says.

As the organisation prepares the future, the Council also confirmed the appointment of current Head of Administration Philippe Gueisbuhler as GAISF Director.

Source and photo: GAISF

GAISF is the Global Association of International Sports Federations and also the launcher of the .sport initiative. Read more about the initiative and GAISF




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