The IFF has launched its new website and will also join the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) .sport initiative with a new website domain name:

By changing to the .sport domain name the IFF becomes one of the pioneers to change into the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) .sport initiative.

The .Sport Initiative – A community-based Internet Extension

In the crowded and complex world of the internet, the use of .sport gives a greater degree of distinctiveness, visibility and searchability and, because of the criteria applied by GAISF, confers approval and membership of, and commitment to, the sport community.

Consequently, the key benefits stem from the resulting:

  • Acceptance and trust – .sport underscores membership of the global sports eco-system
  • Authenticity – Resulting from fair scrutiny of applicants
  • Visibility – value of .sport on search engines

.sport is available only to recognised and legitimate bodies, ranging from sports governing bodies to events, clubs and the companies which supply the goods and services on which sport relies. GAISF’s ownership of the domain protects the integrity of .sport by ensuring that only properly qualified organisations and individuals can use it. More on .sport:

Skylab & WordPress

The website is developed in cooperation with the company Skylab. Skylab is a digital agency that specialises in digital strategy, websites and application development. The company headquarters is based in the Media City in Trafford Park Village, Manchester. More on Skylab:

Skylab website promo 2018 mobile367x538– Skylab was very active and had studied our old webpage and approached us with a number of creative solutions and ideas for a new and modern IFF website. Based on this it was easy to choose Skylab. The IFF is also very enthusiastic that we at the same time with the new webpage launch can change the domain to the GAISF  .sport domain, which much better defines and places us in the sports family, says IFF Secretary General, John Liljelund .

The new website is designed using responsive techniques. Each of the page template will respond to provide an optimal user experience for desktop, tablet and mobile.

The website is built on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). WordPress provides a multisite system which allows the creation of sub-sites of the main site within the same network of sites. This allows the IFF to offer own event websites for the national event organisers. The local organisers will be able to login to the CMS and manage their own website content. There is also an option of event pages in multiple languages.

The website will be hosted on Skylab’s Amazon Web Services Hosting Platforms.

Gradual shift to .sport

The IFF will gradually move to the new website. As for now all other pages, except for the IFF Event pages are available on the new website. The IFF together with Skylab is still in the process of integrating all the event statistics on the new site. Sarah Mitchell, the IFF Event Manager, has been the person in charge from the IFF Office.

– IFF have been working with Skylab for over 18 months to develop and build the new site. It has not always been an easy process and the project launch has been delayed significantly from what we had initially planned, however, we are very pleased with the work that Skylab have done and feel that the fresh new look of the website goes hand-in-hand with the new IFF branding that was launched in 2017. There is still work to be done as we develop the new Events section of the website and the integration of the IFF statistics. This second-phase will hopefully be completed by the end of the year, Sarah Mitchell, informs.

The website content will remain almost the same, but there are also some changes and new additions:

  • A new section “This is Floorball” has been added with the following content: Floorball in a nutshell, History in short, Why move into Floorball, ParaFloorball and Scientific Studies of Floorball
  • A new section “Media” has been added with the following content: News & Floorball in the media news feed, Photos, Logos & Graphics, Social Media & #Floorball social media wall, Events Mobile App and Newsletter subscription
  • The old “Organisation” section is renamed “The IFF”

– We made these small content changes in order to have a more visitor friendly website. The “This is Floorball” section is for example aimed for sport enthusiasts from new countries who wish to know what the sport is all about. The media channels have also constantly been increasing, therefore it has a section dedicated for both media and floorball fans, IFF Communications Manager, Merita Bruun, explains.

For any feedback or comments about the new website, please contact media(at)




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