The IFF Referee Committee has nominated eight referee pairs to the upcoming Women´s U19 WFC 2018 to be played in St. Gallen and Herisau in Switzerland.

The nominated referes are a mixture of experience and some newcomers as well. The head of the referees of the tournament is Mr. Frank Leuenberger from Switzerland. The referee observers are Mr. Petr Seda from Czech Republic and Ms. Marjo Alanko from Finland.

The nominated referees are:

Tomas Kostinek/Matrin Reichelt CZE

Tomas Kostinek is a 28-year-old technical sales engineer and lives in Prague. He´s been a referee for eight years and on the international level since 2015. This is his second WFC. When not refereeing, he likes to play badminton and to travel.

Martin Reichelt also lives in Prague and is 31 years old. He has been a referee since 2003 and has been on international level before with another referee pair. He has been in the WU19 WFC in 2012 and WFC 2017. He likes cycling, golfing and good food. They refereed the Women´s Final in the WFC 2017 in Bratislava

Tobias Jörgensen/Steffen Leholk DEN 

Tobias Jörgensen, is 27 years old and he works in a Children´s psychiatric institution. He´s been refereeing for more than ten years and has been an international referee since 2015. This is his and his pair´s first major international tournament.

Steffen Leholk, 37-year-old risk manager has a vast experience as a referee with almost 20 years of experience. He, similar to his referee pair as, lives in Copenhagen area in Denmark.

Juan Marin Esponera/Alejandro Santisteban ESP

Juan Marin Esponera, lives in Madrid and is the newest IFF referee in the group. His pair has started a few years earlier on the international level, but this is the second IFF tournament for Juan. He´s 28 years old.

Alejandro Santisteban, 34 years old and also lives in Madrid. He works for food business and has a family. He also has a background as a football referee in Spain. This is their first major event on the international level.

Timo Järvi/Pertti Kirsilä FIN

Timo Järvi, is a 43-year-old physiotherapist from Lapua, Western part of Finland. He´s a father of two almost teenage kids and has been a referee for 15 years. He and his pair refereed this spring´s Women´s Superfinal in Finland. They´ve been in IFF events several times before, but this is their first WFC Final round tournament.

Pertti Kirsilä, 37-year-old process operator from city of Pietarsaari, which is located on the west coast of Finland. He´s been a referee for more than two decades and is also a referee educator in Finland in his own region.

Iiro Linnala/Tuomo Timonen FIN

Iiro Linnala, just turned 30 and works as a service advisor in a car dealership. He lives in Helsinki and has a background also as a player and has been refereeing already for 15 years. This is also their first WFC Final round event.

Tuomo Timonen, an European patent attorney is 40 years old and lives in Tampere. He´s married and has two kids and when not refereeing he is very interested in cooking and actually made it to the final qualification round of the Finnish Masterchef tv-show. .

Binbin Lin/Carmen Teo SGP

Binbin Lin, is 33 years of age and works as a teacher. She also has a player background as a Floorball goalkeeper in the elite league in Singapore and used to be the goalkeeper for the Singaporean national team.

Carmen Teo, works in managing National Sports Associations and is 37 years old. She has been a referee ever since 2003 and Women´s WFC 2017 wast the first major IFF tournament for her and her pair. She enjoys playing badminton with her friends when she happens to have spare time outside of Floorball.

Thomas Lehmann/Andreas Manser SUI

Thomas Lehmann is 37 years old and has been a referee since 2000. He loves the mountains and spends his free time hiking and skiing. This is the second WFC for him and his pair.

Andreas Manser is a supervisor of the ground traffic in the Zurich airport and is a father of two boys. He, like his referee pais, also enjoys the nature.

Olle Eliasson/Thomas Jonsson SWE

Olle Eliasson is a 42-year-old mailman who comes from Umeå. He´s been a referee for a decade and he also has other engagements in Floorball. He´s been the head coach of a Swedish Women´s league team.

Thomas Jonsson is a 43-year-old nerd, so in other words a software developer and he also comes from Umeå. This tournament is the first major IFF event for him and his pair.

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