The first Men’s semi-final matches have already been played in the Swiss top league NLA. The Women’s semi-finals will begin 31st of March.

Photo: Swiss Unihockey Flickr / Fabian Trees

SV Wiler-Ersigen were the only team in the Men’s NLA who made their way to the semi-finals with no losses. They defeated UHC Uster, who came 8th in the regular season. Floorball Köniz beat Zug United four times within 5 matches. The same went for other semi-final teams as Grasshopper Club Zurich defeated UHC Alligators Malans and HC Rychenberg Winterthur won against Tigers Langnau. Rychenberg might have been a small surprise considering that they came 6th in the regular season and Tigers were 3rd. However, the previous matches between the two had been rather even.

Semi-final pairs:
HC Rychenberg Winterthur – SV Wiler-Ersigen
Floorball Köniz – Grasshopper Club Zurich

The first semi-final matches have already been played. SV Wiler-Ersigen and Floorball Köniz both have won one match. The next matches will be played during the weekend. Like quarterfinals, the semi-finals will also be played with a best of seven system.

Photo: Swiss Unihockey Flickr / Andre Burri

All four top teams of the regular season made their way to the Women’s semi-finals with three victories in a row. Piranha chur won against UH Red Lions Frauenfeld, UHC Dietlikon beat Aergera Giffers, Wizards Bern Burgdorf defeated Unihockey Berner Oberland and R.A. Rychenberg Winterthur won the even quarter-final matches against Skorpion Emmental Zollbruck.

Semi-final pairs:
Piranha Chur vs. Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur
UHC Dietlikon vs. Wizards Bern Burgdorf

The first semi-final matches will be played at the end of next week and like quarter-finals with a best of five system.


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