UHC Weissenfels are the men´s national champions in Germany for the 12th time. In the best of three finals they beat TV Lilienthal Floorball 2-0 in matches.

TV Lilienthal Floorball still made history as they reached their first ever men´s final. The reigning champions were however too tough for Lilienthal and Weissenfals could celebrate their third consecutive victory.

In the first match Weissenfels won against Lilienthal with clear numbers 8-4. The second match was really tight and exciting for the spectators. The score was 2-2 and 3-3, but then Weissenfels could again get into a 4-3 lead and secured the title with a 5-3 empty net goal.

Watch the 5-3 goal from the men´s final here.

In the women’s league, UHC Weissenfels defeated MFBC Grimma in the finals. The finals were played with a best of three system and UHC Weissenfels won two matches in a row (7-5, 4-3). This was the sixth title for UHC Weissenfels in the women’s league.

Photos from men´s final by Matthias Kuch: www.flickr.com/photos/pictures4prof/albums/
German Floorball Association webpage: www.floorball.de
German Floorball Association Facebook page: www.facebook.com/floorballdeutschland
UHC Weissenfels Facebook page: www.facebook.com/UHC.Weissenfelshttp://sportvideos365.tv/floorball//embed/floorball/1.fbl-herren/28-05-2016/uhc-weissenfels-tv-lilienthal/120-tor-5:3-uhc-weissenfels-119

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