Quarter-finals are over in both men’s and women’s leagues in Sweden. Men’s first semi-final matches have already been played and women’s semi-finals start this week.

Photo: IBF Falun & Per Wiklund

In the men´s league, IBK Dalen was the first to make its way to the semi-finals. Dalen defeated Växjö IBK four times in a row, but the matches were tight. Three of them went into overtime. Storvreta IBK proceeded to the next round by defeating FC Helsingborg 4-1. Regular season winner Pixbo Wallenstam faced current silver medalist Linköping (photo by Per Wiklund) in the quarter-finals. Linköping was stronger with numbers 4-1. IBF Falun’s and Mullsjö AIS’s battle for the last semi-final place stretched until the seventh and last match. Reigning champion Falun took a clear 9-3 win and ensured their place in the top four.

Semi-final matches have already started and will also be played with a best of seven system. Falun and Linköping took the first wins.
Semi-final pairs:
Falun – Storvreta
Dalen – Linköping

Source and more information: http://www.innebandy.se/ResultatSpelprogram/iBIS-spelprogram/SM-slutspel-herr/

In the women’s league, IKSU won against Karlstad IBF three times in a row and was the first to proceed to the next round. Regular season winner Pixbo Wallenstam played against FBC Uppsala in the quarter-finals. Pixbo Wallenstam took three wins in a row and made it to semi-finals. Reigning champion KAIS Mora faced problems with their quarter-final pair Täby FC IBK. The semi-finalist was decided in the fifth and last match. KAIS Mora won the match 3-2. Endre IF played against silver medalist Rönnby Västerås. Endre IF took the last semi-final place by winning the last two matches with clear numbers.

Semi-finals will also be played with a best of five system. The first matches will be played 31.3.
Semi-final pairs:
Pixbo Wallenstam – Endre IF

Source and more information: http://www.innebandy.se/ResultatSpelprogram/iBIS-spelprogram/SM-slutspel-Dam-1516/

Sweden’s Superfinal will be played 16.4. in the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.

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