A successful national Floorball tournament, the 3rd President Cup, was organised in Hongcheon city, Kangwon province in Korea the 12-13th of May.

It was the first time that the regional federation in Kangwon hosted the President Cup and also the first time that the Korean Floorball Federation received financial support from the government for organising the tournament.

There were six men´s teams, 3 women´s teams and 2 children´s teams participating in the championships. According to Mr. H.J. Kim from the Korean Floorball Federation the level in the matches was higher than before and all of the matches were really tight. Ansan Pheonix won the Men´s title and Red Buffalo the Women´s championships.


Men´s results:

Group A preliminary round:
Floormoppers-Incheon White angels 1-3
Incheon White angels-Ansan Pheonix 1-6
Ansan Pheonix-Floormoppers 3-5

Group B preliminary round:
Kangwon-Jong ro F.L.C 4-1
Jong ro F.L.C-Daejeon Red Hawks 10-4
Daejeon Red Hawks-Kangwon 3-2

Semi-final 1:
Ansan Pheonix-Kangwon 4-3

Semi-final 2:
Jong ro F.L.C-Floormoppers 3-5

5th place match:
Daejeon Red Hawks-Ansan PheonixIncheon White angels 4-8

3rd place match:
Jong ro F.L.C-Kangwon 2-1

Floormoppers-Ansan Pheonix 1-3


Women´s results:

Preliminary round
Jong ro F.L.C-Ansan Pheonix 0-4

Red Buffalo-Ansan Pheonix 4-1

Jong ro F.L.C-Red Buffalo 0-3

Red Buffalo-Ansan Pheonix 3-1


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