Foreword IFF President WFC U19 for men 2003 in the Czech Republic

Distinguished guests and Floorball friends,

On behalf of the International Floorball Federation (IFF) I have the pleasure and honour to announce the second WFC for U19 men played and organized in the Czech Republic 2003. The tournament is organized by the Czech Floorball Union (CFbU) and hosted, and supported, by the capital Prague, played in Sparta arena and in Vinohrady. This is the second edition and the first historic edition played in Germany was very successful with lots of media and spectators. The IFF is very pleased that as many as 16 nations enrolled for the U19, because the event as such is important for all IFF member associations, as a tool, in their important task to attract the youth.

The IFF is very pleased with the CFbU as a good organizer. The CFbU has proved for itself with all their clubs as well as the rest of the Floorball community worldwide to be not only a top organizer, but amongst the top of organizers. We have seen a lot of good organized international events and are always meet with a smile and friendly atmosphere when we arrive in the Czech Republic.

On the international level the “family” has 31 member associations, but from which only 9 are ordinary members. This was discussed and decided at the last IFF Congress in Helsinki in May 2002, that after 4 years one is considered when it comes to membership duties as well as obligations to be an ordinary member. The implications are that we need more ordinary members in order to meet with the standard of the IOC in Lausanne as well as now being recognized by the WADA in the fight against doping.

At the last IFF Congress in Helsinki in Finland in May 2002 the Congress decided about the IFF Vision:

“To become the true efficient governing body of an internationally recognised sport, played on five continents with over 50 members before year 2012 and have participated in one or more international multi-sport events (IWGA – World Games, FISU – Universiade). To be recognised by the IOC before the year 2006 and to be an Olympic sport before year 2020.”

The CB decided at its meeting on August 30, 2003, to ask for IOC recognition. The IOC has noted the request, and the IOC has sent IFF a so-called international questionnaire in order to inform the IOC on the international Floorball status. Now starts the important work in order to receive IOC recognition 2006. One of the key questions is the political lobbying towards IOC recognition, who shall be asked as opinion leaders and lobbyists, and how to finance it?

During the U19 WFC in Prague the ordinary member associations will meet and discuss vital topics for the development of our sport Floorball. On the agenda stands amongst other things: Which WFC-s shall IFF organize and under what circumstances? Concerning the political lobbying towards IOC recognition, who shall be asked as opinion leaders and lobbyists, and how to finance it? Which possibilities are there to solve the marketing function, including the initial finance of it? When it comes to branding, and the international portfolio, what can the associations contribute with? What solutions are there for the IFF office in general and the increase of employees in particular, since the workshop in Hohenmölsen came to the conclusion that we need already today four employees? If the increase in office staff shall be borne by all the associations in a larger extent then is the fact today, what are the solutions; increase in membership fees, increase in participating fees, or other solutions?

The Central Board of IFF and myself as IFF President feel that we know have to close the ranks. In order to meet with our mutual IFF Vision we must make more work for the international Floorball development and take initiatives in order to keep up the speed.

Looking forward to seeing you all and a thrilling tournament. The IFF conveys many thanks to the Czech Republic and the CFbU in cooperation with the city of Prague for hosting the WFC U19.

Yours sincerely,

Tomas Eriksson
IFF President


Men's U19 WFC 2003
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